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                                                                      About Us

Leading Scrap Buyer

BANGALORE MART INC has been proven to pay up to 20% higher than our competitors. Are you selling Use IT Companies Used Office Furniture’s Industrial Machinery, Computers E waste  scrap metal in India? Our buyers are able to come to you and buy your company's scrap metal on-site.

There is no need to spend money transporting what you want to sell. Just call us

Do Something with Your Scrap

Dispose of all your Used and Scrap Materials and turn a profit when you sell it to Bangalore Mart Inc  We purchase a wide array of metals, ranging from brass and copper electric Motors Gearbox Machinery Cables wire to Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Carbide and just about all types of Machines Electronic Computers for  recycling.

You'll receive cash on the spot for all your junk metal and cars. Don't wait—contact us today to get cold, hard cash for your scrap recycling.

Good Money for Your Scrap Metal

Our clients are not just one-time customers. Scrap Metal Buyers strives to achieve solid, long-term relationships by offering the best service and lucrative scrap management programs.

Our partners know we give top value for their metal because our prices are based on active commodity markets. Take advantage of our straight-up pricing structures.

Who we are...

Bangalore Mart Inc  is a scrap buyer. We concentrate on buying and recycling scrap metal. We have competitive scrap metal prices and services for buying industrial scrap metals. Company can ensure you that as long as we are on your side, we will take care of your scrap metal disposal needs. As professional scrap buyers, we take care of our clients. For a list of scrap metal prices or scrap metals we buy, please see scrap metals we buy or for scrap metal prices. We are a non ferrous & ferrous scrap metal buyer.

We Buy these

We Serve for you !

Our Keen Knowledge of the scrap industry has helped us develop that answer the need of today’s clients’ requirement. These services allow you to.

Sell your Used and Scrap Materials,  Reduce Operation Costs,  Increase Revenue Satisfaction

Just through Bangalore Mart Inc, you will make out that selling your scrap incredibly pleasing experience at Bangalore Mart Inc . We take care of every one of your necessities and in the progression we offer you total peace of mind.

Our Vision

Bangalore Mart Inc  as the major buyer of  IT Company Furniture’s, Used Office Furniture’s, Industrial Scrap, Electronic Computers E waste,  plastics and Iron scrap in India within the next 1 years. expansion of Bangalore Mart Inc India E waste processing capacity will be combined with projected growth in the trading of recyclable materials.


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Consultant for Recycling Materials

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Hi i want to introduce my self i am Altaf Hussain (Proprietor) of  the  this  firm.  And I am   working   as   Engineers   &    Contractors  and    my   Qualification   in   Interior  corespondent course & Diploma in Electrical and  Electronic  & practical experience in  my  project  like  Corprate  offices  &  Showrooms  Etc.   Complete  knowledge  in Computer    Auto  CAD,  MS  Office,  3D   Home   Design,   Estimation   of  materials  required   and  lab our  charges  with  clear   costing   for any  Renovation  work even New projects. And I started my Proprietor  Ship   firm in  1999  Alfa inspections  and  I  have  worked  with  many Architects, Interior Consultants ( P ) Ltd Companies & Offices, Showrooms.

Bangalore Scrap MART Inc  introduce  us  as  a scrap  buyer  dealing  with all kinds of  waste  and  scrap.  Our  company   maintains  an  inventory  of  all types of scrap. Especially  we  buy  all  types  of  Used Office Furnitures, Ewaste, Used IT Company Scrap,   Industrial   Scrap,   Waste   Plastic scraps   Thermacole,   wooden   pallets,  Iron  pallets,  corrugated waste,  PP,  LDPE,  HDPE,  LLD  &  HMS,  HABS,  ABS, MS punch,  SS Boaring  &  Punch,  Aluminium,   Copper,  Brass,   Magnet,   Lead dross,  PCB   boards   all   type   of  Electronic items,  Modem,  Telephones,    Mobile Scrap   Others  Scrap   Also.   for   the  purchased goods, we will arrange the transportation on our own.


We   also    perform   toll   work  and    Warehousing.   The    core    business   of  the company is primarily  the  purchasing  of  a  wide   variety  of  All Types  of waste and other  scrap  from  most  of  the   reputed  companies   throughout   Karnataka.  The  proprietor  of  the company aims to establish  Bangalore  Scrap  MART  Inc  as  the  major buyer of waste plastics and  Iron  scrap  in  Bangalore  City  within  the  next 1  years.   Continued   expansion  of BangaloreScrap  MART Inc  projected  growth  in  the   trading   of  recyclable  material. A determination   exists   within   the   company   to   maintain   current   high   standards   of customer  service  and  product  quality  assurance.  Over  the  previous  1 to 2 years, we have  seen  a  sustained  increase  in   the  amount  of  post  consumer  for  all  types scrap purchased from our regular suppliers.

We  are   committed   to   provide  a   complete   understanding  &  timely  response  to concerns  and   issues  related  to   the   overall  performance  of the project & the parties    involved.    Propr -   Mr. Altaf  hussain   with   vast   exposure    to   different  industries . Has extensive  hands  on  experience  in  all  aspects  of  implementing a project, right from identification  to  details  project  planning.  the  essence  of  his work   is   based  on  a  set  of intangibles: intuition, emotion, shared memories and experiences.


Office Address : 12, 4th Cross Muddamma Garden Benosn Town Post

Bangalore 560046 Karnataka ( India )


Contact : +91-9945555582

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